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As we looked out at the ocean in awe, coffee in hand, we thought: "We have to give something back!" That's why we made the Ocean Coffee

We are thrilled to announce that we have just released our new OCEAN COFFEE project: For every kilogram of OCEAN COFFEE sold, HERMETIC COFFEE ROASTERS will donate 1 Euro to organizations dedicated to cleaning and saving our precious oceans.

Now we're hoping that as many coffee lovers as possible will start their day with a cup of this coffee, because each sip contributes to the health and preservation of the oceans we love. So please spread the word to all those passionate surfers catching waves, dedicated environmentalist and anyone who cherishes the beauty of nature and all of our animal friends in it. We only have one planet.

Join us in supporting a cleaner, healthier planet—one cup at a time. Let's make waves together 💙
Buy Ocean Coffee

Who will we donate to?

We have compiled the following list, which contains organizations that are committed to cleaning and protecting the oceans. Since we have not entered into a fixed contract with any of the organizations mentioned, we donate freely at regular intervals.
Of course, our list is incomplete. So if you have any tips or suggestions, please let us know.
And if you don't like coffee, then our list will certainly be very helpful for you - feel free to donate directly to the organizations mentioned.

Thank you!



Buy Ocean Coffee


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