Hermetic Coffee Roasters

„Unrestricted openness“ is our core guiding principle. It always takes us further than expected and helps us overcoming borders to freely and unreservedly search for the best solution possible.

We love the diversity of coffee.

Following the ancient Hermetic maxim “You have to do it yourself” we roasted well over a thousand batches, before our first release. And yet, every time we are developing roasting profiles or brewing recipes we are reaffirmed, that each coffee needs to be treated differently to bring out its characteristic flavors. And we are surprised each time anew, how complex and at the same time unique the taste of coffee can be.

Put very simply, roasting coffees is like baking cakes: baking them until they are black makes them all taste the same. Baking them to a point, where they are just right, makes them all taste differently. The same applies to coffee. Therefore we roast our coffees rather lightly, in order to bring out the typical flavor characteristics of each coffee. Again, the diversity here seems endless and we are very happy to share it with you.

Enjoy your coffee

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