B 1 - espresso blend

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B 1  – espresso blend - dark roast

This very full bodied blend is perfect for strong and chocolaty espressi. As a dark roasted espresso blend it has a low acidity, goes well as a classic espresso and is also keeping its character in flat whites, cappuccinos or lattes.

Flavour profile:
Spicy dark and chocolaty body, salted caramel and dried apricot aromas, blood orange acidity. Roasted hazelnut and maple syrup notes.


Brewing advice for a double espresso on portafilter machines:

  • Coffee grounds: 20 g / 0,71 oz
  • Water temp: 93 °C / 199,4 °F
  • Shot time: 29 sec
  • Beverage weight: 35 g / 1,23 oz



      • Distribute grounds evenly to avoid channeling.
      • Grind coarser for a quicker shot and diminished bitterness.
      • Use filtered water for better results.
      • Beans should degas 6 days from the roast date.


      More info on this coffee:

      Part 1: 20 % Las Lobelias, Tarrazú, Costa Rica, Central America - washed:

      • Region: Tarrazú, Costa Rica, Central America
      • Producer Coopelibertad R.L.
      • Growing altitude: 700 - 1.900 m.a.s.l.
      • Arabica variety: Bourbon, Jackson, Mibrizi, some SL varieties
      • Milling process: washed
      • Flavour: Lavender, jasmin, fruit tea, rose, nougat, honey, lemon, cinnamon, sweet, fruity
      • Body: full, elegant
      • Acidity: pleasant, smooth

      Costa Rica boasts eight coffee growing regions, the most famous of which is Tarrazú. It is a tropical heaven of lush vegetation and exotic birds with breathtaking views. But above all, the region is known worldwide for its fine-quality beans.

      Tarrazú is an ideal location for growing Arabica coffee. High altitudes and the sedimentary soil composition favor the smooth and fine acidity these coffees are famous for. The majority of coffee grows on small farms and in the shade of protective tree canopies. The main varieties produced in the region are Caturra and Catuaí, both rich in flavor and high in quality.

      Coopelibertad R.L. was founded in 1961, offering coffee producers access to knowledge and markets. The goal is to enable the farmers to get both better results and returns from their agricultural work. Nowadays, the cooperative gathers over 1,000 small and medium coffee producers. The overall mission is to improve their members‘ livelihoods and quality of life. Along with that, the preservation of the region‘s coffee culture as a worthy and sustainable activity is fostered. Coopelibertad uses water and electricity-efficient processing technology together with organic fertilizers in an effort to protect the environment.

      These Tarrazú coffees are the result of a commitment to people and nature with dedication to outstanding quality. All of which translates into their unique flavor.


      Part 2 – 80 % Toucan, Cerrado, Brazil:

      • Region: Cerrado Minero, Minas Gerais
      • Growing altitude: 1.000 m.a.s.l.
      • Arabica variety: Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Caturra
      • Processing: Natural
      • Flavour: Milk chocolate, nougat, roasted hazelnut 
      • Body: full
      • Acidity: smooth


      Cerrado Minero is a region in the state of Minas Gerais, which is situated in the southeast of the country. The coffee production in this region is high thanks to the relatively flat landscape and ideal climatic conditions. The coffee is known for its intense aroma and its nutty and slightly sweet cup profile.


      For your planning please note: To ensure freshness, all orders received by Sunday 23:00 h are roasted on Monday and shipped on Tuesday.

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