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Coko Farm, Gakenke District, Rwanda, Africa - washed

Coko Farm has created a wonderfully juicy coffee. It's sweet and floral with yet a rich and complex body. In the beginning you'll find notes of vanilla, tangerine and crème brûlée, followed by notes of rose, pear, green tea and peach. It's acidity blends in just perfectly! And it does make a very nice cold brew as well, as it keeps its complexity when cooled down.

Flavour profile:
Vanilla, tangerine, crème brûlée, rose, pear, green tea, peach notes. Very juicy, sweet and floral, rich and complex body, pretty smooth acidity.


Brewing advice for the Kalita Wave 155 coffee dripper:

  • Coffee grounds: 15 g / 0,53 oz
  • Water temp: 94 °C / 201 °F
  • First pour: 30 ml, 30 sec
  • Second pour: 100 ml, 10 sec
  • Third pour: 120 ml, 50 sec


  • Use water with around 70 ppm.
  • Beans should degas at least 8 days from the roast date.

More info on this coffee:

  • Region: Gakenke District, Rwanda, Africa
  • Farm: Coko Farm
  • Washing Station: Muhondo WS
  • Growing altitude: 2.050 m.a.s.l.
  • Arabica variety: Bourbon/Jackson
  • Milling process: washed
  • Flavour: Vanilla, tangerine, crème brûlée, , sweet
  • Body: juicy, rich, complex, floral
  • Acidity: smooth

The Coko Farm is located in the northern region of Gakenke District and was founded in 2008 by Jean Nepomuscene Habyarimana.

As a farmer's son, he became aware of the importance of coffee growing for the local community, eventually leading him to buy land for himself.

Every year, he raises the quality of his coffees anew and in 2014 he was awarded first place by Cup of Excellence.

The Coko Farm was also selected as a Farmer Field School model farm. Since 2 years, the Coko Farm is home to a lot of sweet pigs that help to increase productivity at farmer level while delivering the perfect organic compost.

For your planning please note: To ensure freshness, all orders received by Sunday 23:00 h are roasted on Monday and shipped on Tuesday.

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